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BTB Team

From our CSO that wines….


Beyond friends and family, F&B has been my life for nearly 30 years where I’ve made my vocation my vacation.  

So no matter what lunch table you sat at as a kid, what’s the most played song on your Spotify or had you been to the Kunthistorisches Museum in Vienna, chances are if you’re reading this we have something in common! 

With that, one of our Core Principals at BTB is being proactive in the community whether it be supporting customers by hosting a tasting, donating time thru education or mentoring and inspiring younger generations, we believe that giving back is the only way to move forward.

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 The Wine Guy

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 The Peacemaker

From our CVO that wines….

I believe that building a positive culture is how we empower not only our team but the community around us. 

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 The Enforcer

From our COO that wines….

The BTB team is a family where each of us has a unique and diverse history that we bring to the team every day.  Our vision at BTB is to inspire a passion for pairing the perfect beverages to celebrate life for all.


We believe we are able to do this because we are fortunate to partner with producers whom we believe create great products for the masses to enjoy.  When we select a product to add to our portfolio we look past just the flavor profile to knowing the culture, history, and the people that produce each and every selection.


Our team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional wines at reasonable prices. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy life events or just a quiet moment beverage.

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